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Posted by Britteny Asher on August 4, 2019

Griffin's Story

Posted by Britteny Asher on Dec 11, 2017; Updated by Britteny Asher on June 12, 2018

Making Connections: The SLP and Community Based Services to Transition Aged Youth and Adults

Griffin is an amazing young man who had limited exposure or interest in participating in many of life's activities. Once Griffin was provide a schedule, opportunities to see when things would happen and when they would end, as well as knowledge of when and what choices he would have throughout the day, he flourished. The top short video demonstrates how Griffin is thriving, at work, at home and in the community.

In the next Video, you will see how Assistive Technology improves Griffin's life.

Griffin & Kendre for AT Lab

Jeanette’s Story

Posted by admin on Jun 1, 2013

adult-services_1Jeanette is a strong-willed woman, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and profound mental retardation. She grew up in a state-run institution and at age 40 moved into a community-based residential program. I was introduced to Jeanette when she was 57. Determined and thoughtful, nonverbal and non-ambulatory, Jeanette had many barriers and limited opportunities.

Jeanette demonstrated skills at a pre-symbolic level; she would not be able to successfully use the ‘standard’ Boardmaker line drawings or even colored photographs but rather needed ‘vocabulary’ that would be more concrete to represent her thoughts, ideas, and words. Following a comprehensive assessment, a program was established for her, consisting of training staff on how to teach Jeanette Object-Symbol vocabulary, how to assess Jeanette’s ability to understand and use her new tangible ‘words’ and what to do with the vocabulary once she acquired it. The following targets were identified for training. No one ever thought it would take just two weeks for Jeanette to communicate her first word!

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Dan's Story

Posted by admin on Jun 1, 2013

Adult ServicesOne of my favorite stories is that of a staff person named Dan and the lesson he learned by playing ‘dumb’. Dan had attended one of my trainings in rural Eastern Oregon, entitled Developing Communication Skills with Adults with Developmental Disabilities.  Dan had sat through the whole training, without saying much but listening intently.

The next day Dan approached me with a big beam on his face.  He had tried one of the strategies we had discussed the day before and he couldn’t wait to share his success!

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