Adult Rates & Services

Britteny Asher Consulting contracts with individual adults as well as agencies.
To qualify for a ‘rate break’ please speak with us about an annual contract for services, which could save as much as 15% to the individual you support and/or or your agency.

Individualized Treatment   

Following a Functional Communication Assessment, we will provide comprehensive treatment to develop both the skills of the individual and their communication partners to ensure success.

Direct client oriented services, consultation, staff training, program development and review, data tracking and material development 

Functional Cnbsp;&ommunication Evaluation and written Recommendations  

We meet directly with an individual, as well as knowledgeable support staff/family members/communication partners and evaluate communication strengths and needs. We will assess how the individual best obtains information and how they can most successfully provide information to others and then provide you a comprehensive written report and recommendations as to what steps are suggested for developing and supporting communication success for your level of communicator.

Feeding and Swallowing Evaluation  


Augmentative / Augmentative Communication Evaluation   *Evaluation may run 2 hours

Individuals who are unable to use verbal communion may benefit from Augmentative/ Alternative Communication (AAC).  Our clinicians are experienced in evaluating and developing both Low Tech and High Tech AAC support for individuals of all ages and when required this evaluation can be used in obtaining AAC equipment thought state or private insurance or other resources.

No one should be left without a voice; an AAC Evaluation is the first step to empowering an individual who requires further support. 

On Site Visit / Consultation /  Training   

For travel greater than 20 miles one way from office additional travel expenses will apply.

Updated March 20, 2015