Britteny has been an invaluable member of the team supporting Griffin.  She fills a very unique role.  Because of her background, she is able to help with setting up in home supports, coordination and collaboration with other service providers working with Griffin and also help consult with the school programs Griffin is involved in.  She has played a large role in changing Griffin’s life and in a very short time.  Her ideas have helped to really open up Griffin’s life and help him to be more involved in his surroundings.

Britteny has helped to foster Griffin’s independence in all areas of his life from self-care to cooking to communication.  He is now doing things that we never dreamed he could do on his own!

The schedule system that Britteny helped put into place has given Griffin the information he needs on a daily basis to know what is going on for the day and what will happen next.  Because of this, we have seen a very significant decrease in his anxiety and a marked increase in his willingness to try new activities.  He now has a list of activities that he chooses to do and really enjoys! 

Hiring Britteny was one of the best decisions we have made for Griffin as it has opened up his world and he is a much happier and much more engaged young man. 

Annelisa, Family Friend of Griffin, a capable 19 year old diagnosed with ASD.


I have the privilege of working directly with Britteny and the adults we support... She is the most driven, empathetic, knowledgeable person I have met. Her wisdom has changed the lives many of the people I support… I am truly grateful to have opportunity to learn from Britteny… She is never satisfied with status quo, always seeking more independence, more communication success, more enhanced lives for all the individuals she work with. A TRULY DRIVEN WOMEN.....

Allison T., Direct Care Staff at Riverside Training Center



Britteny Asher has been the single most important reason my son has become significantly more independent in the last year and half. (This is when she began working with him). His language and use of an augmentative communication device has grown exponentially. My autistic son is nearly 19 years old and Britteny’s expertise and problem solving is helping him achieve the necessary skills so he can live the best, most independent life possible. She has designed and implemented visual schedules in our home, observed and offered imaginative solutions to the school staff across different settings and been the chief organizer and resource for a team of people working with my son. Her flexibility, accessibility and creativity has helped me and our team support my son the best that we can. She has a valued network of providers that has helped my son expand his diet, become increasingly fit and more comfortable in our community. My hopes and dreams for my son are unlimited now because of the growth he has made over a relatively short period of time. I can wholeheartedly endorse Britteny and would be happy to share my experiences or answer any questions that a parent, agency or self-advocate might have.

Becky B, parent of Griffin, a blossoming 19 year old diagnosed with ASD


School Consults & Training

“When working with Britteny in a highly challenging situation, I was impressed by her thorough knowledge of autism, communication and behavioral strategies as well have her ability to relate to others in both an assertive as well as highly respectful manner.  In my 29 years of experience with autism, I can easily say that she is one of the best consultants I have known.”

Kim S., Autism Specialist for WESD



"When someone asks me about SLP services, Britteny is always the person that comes to mind as the standard for someone who can reliably produce high-quality work and get results no matter how challenging the circumstances.  She serves her clients with the utmost level of integrity, individualized care, and attention."

 Amanda S., Children's Intensive In-Home Service Coordinator


"Britteny works with our 3 year old son who has verbal apraxia. As concerned parents, we have looked to educate ourselves and find professionals that can help us find various therapies and strategies that will benefit and help our son thrive and succeed in a fun, positive and supportive environment. We have found an abundance of support, knowledge, professionalism and kindness in Britteny. She provides a unique approach to working with our son that works wonders for him. She spends a great deal of time brainstorming on how to best reach and connect with him. She is compassionate, amazingly patient and very understanding.

Our son has a long journey ahead of him, but to know that we have Britteny helping and guiding us, gives us all the confidence and reassurance that we could ask for. Having Britteny work with our son has been the BEST and most successful decision we have made so far. We strongly believe any child that is struggling with speech issues/disorders, will significantly benefit from Britteny's therapy practices. We are grateful and blessed that we have found her."

Laura  and Pat, Parents of an active and determined 3 year old with Verbal Apraxia


 “Britteny consulted for my daughter that has autism and hearing loss which impacted her communication. I am also a professional that works with people with autism and while I was capable of giving my daughter a good start on her journey I was unaware of the subtle ways I was also holding her back. Britteny wrote a timely and comprehensive evaluation that we were able to use in our home immediately. The best feedback she ever gave me was when I gave my daughter a choice of an activity in a cartoonish voice with animated gestures. Britteny respectfully pointed out to me that I needed to talk to her in an age appropriate way and that I was holding her back by continuing to use old methods of communication with her. The best advice I have ever been given and still today I try to do a check-in to make sure I am not hindering her growth.”

Stephanie H., Parent and Positive Behavior Support Specialist


"Britteny is fun.  She has helped me speak better.  It is very nice to be understood by strangers.  Thank you Britteny for making my life better.

Noah D., age 10


"I brought my charge to Britteny hoping for a miracle and it was given.  I brought her a very sweet, shy boy who rarely spoke, and I now have a boy who talks almost non-stop.  He gets so excited to tell me about interactions he has during the day, interactions that would not have happened if I hadn't taken him to Britteny.  Thanks Britteny for helping him shine! " 

Linda L., Guardian of Noah


Britteny is a fantastic speech pathologist who provides services beyond just articulation drills.  She is empathetic and truly cares about our child’s well-being.  Her development plan to work with Garrett was tailored and structured to meet his needs.  Her plan was not only treatment for our son, but she also works with the entire family to bring him to his full potential.  We can highly recommend Britteny as a speech pathologist, and would recommend her to anyone looking for services.

Kate W., Parent of a uniquely talented child with ASD and Apraxia 


child-servicesBritteny Asher has worked with our daughter for almost 3 years now.  Alivia was born with Down Syndrome.  One of her most profound areas of delay has been in her expressive language.  When we felt it necessary to incorporate private speech therapy, we were referred to Britteny and she has been the greatest blessing in Alivia's life (and mine).   It is a pleasure to be a part of her working with Alivia.  I am impressed with Britteny's level of expertise and knowledge, balanced by her warm, playful interaction with our daughter.  She explains very clearly the intricacies of how all the muscles work in the mouth, what the tongue does or doesn't do and always gives us great "tools" to use at home so that Alivia's development continues to strengthen. 

Not only has Britteny shared her resources within the therapy sessions, but she has gone out of her way to provide resources to support Alivia's speech in school, social settings and at home.  While working to develop our daughter’s verbal language Britteny worked with us to acquire the device, receiving the necessary training and personalizing the programs to best fit Alivia's needs.     

It will be a bittersweet day when Alivia no longer needs extra support in her communication.  As thrilled as we will be that she will have mastered speech, I will miss working with an amazingly talented therapist.

Nicole, parent of Alivia, an amazing 6 year old with Down Syndrome.


Britteny..."You helped me put all my ducks in a row, oh how you make my timing flow!"

Annie, a complex, sophisticated 13 year old


Britteny really helped our family when we so needed a fresh perspective, encouragement and "what to do" and "how to do it".  We would highly recommend you to any one needing help with communication challenges.

Grandparents of Annie


Britteny we have so appreciated the services you have provided to Ian and in turn our family.  The Daily Schedule and Communication and Choice Boards you have helped us establish have added much needed structure to his day.  What we appreciate most, however, is the tremendous knowledge you have about how kids with autism at this age and what we need to do now while Ian is still in elementary school to prepare him for the best life possible when he becomes an adult.

 Mary and Daniel, parents of a robust, active 10 year old with ASD


"For an SLP I'd go with Britteny Asher.  She is the bee's knees!"

Amanda S., Children's Intensive In-Home Service Coordinator